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Why Designing for Accessibility (Inclusive Design) is Important

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Based on Word bank organization report one billion people which is equal to 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability.

Also, according to Australia network on disability 1 in 5 Australian are estimated to have disability.

There are various Types of accessibility issues such as:

· Visual impairment (e.g., color blindness)

· Deaf

· Motor/mobility (e.g., wheelchair-user concerns)

· Elderly

· Auditory (hearing difficulties)

· Seizures (especially photosensitive epilepsy)

· Learning/cognitive (e.g., dyslexia)

· Environmental (e.g., using a mobile device underground)

As Frank Spillers explain, accessibility affects usability and search engine optimization (SEO) and how usability and accessibility are sisters:

- Optimized code

- Simplified layout

- Plain English

- Consideration for the end user

- Browser/device compatible

You can read more about optimizing for accessibility in Adee app free e-Books.

So clearly, by considering this significant group of audiences, designing for accessibility can also impacts on businesses achievements as well:

· “Improvements in accessibility doubled Legal and General’s life insurance sales online.”

· “Improvements in accessibility increased Tesco’s grocery home delivery sales by £13 million in 2005… To their surprise they found that many normal visitors preferred the ease of navigation and improved simplicity of the [parallel] accessible site and switched to use it. Tesco have replaced their ‘normal’ site with their accessible version and expect a further increase in revenues.”

· “Improvements in accessibility increased Virgin online sales by 68%.

By knowing this, do you think if we, as designers, have been really considering this significant group of audience in our design process?

Free tools to help you!

Adee is a free comprehensive accessibility testing tool to help you improve accessibility of your designs.




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