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Comprehensive contrast checker

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Adee has the most comprehensive contrast checker for designers using Sketch and Figma (Adobe XD coming Soon!).

Here are some of the cool thing you can do with Adee:


In Figma, now you can access your layers and navigate among them live when Adee plugin is open. No need to close or reload the plugin to update layers.

Live preview:

You can see how your design looks like live and as you adjust your colors.

Adee Contrast checker

Access to your saved colors & color palette:

Easily adjust your design colors by using color pallet and your saved colors (global colors).

Access to all the layers inside plugin:

While using Adee plugin, you have access to all the layers and you can easily navigate between layers and test various colors against each other.

Adjust design colors and apply changes:

Adjust your colors and then apply changes to your design when you are happy with the results! Also lightness slider helps you to make sure your product has enough contrast and is WCAG 2.0 accessible.

Swap colors, reset changes:

Easily swap foreground and background color. Also if you don't like changed colors you can rest to the original colors.

Comment, convert to a report and share it!

Add comment to your test results, generate and share it with your team!

And all these for FREE :)

If you find it useful please share with your network.

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