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Testing & Support System

Helping the World's Software Companies to Build
Inclusive & 
Compliant Digital Products.

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No-code tool for fast automated accessibility testing in scale

  • Fast test results in minutes for testing at scale. By running tests in parallel, even large test suites take only minutes to complete.

  • Do more with less effort and without increasing costs. 

Based on both local & international regulations

​Rise in web accessibility lawsuits is a rapidly growing trend. 

  • Adee covers accessibility topics based on both local and international regulations to create compliant websites from the very early stage of a product life-cycle.

  • Adee hides the complexity of accessibility standards and rules, provides assistant and automation for fast testing.

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Easy to use & collaborative for teammates

No-code & easy to understand accessibility testing tool for everyone. 

Adee enables designers and developers to collaborate and work as a team in the whole product life-cycle. We don't want only to create fix as-is websites, so we help you to correct the issues at design & development for improving accessibility and compliance bottom up. 

Start with Adee Plugins Now!

Adee as the basic version is available as an accessibility testing plugin in the main design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, and soon more!


Colorblind Simulator

  • Simulate 8 different forms of


  • Modes and views comparison

  • Colorblind Generator

  • Black and White simulation

  • Comment on your contrast test result

  • Share the test results with your team

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Alt Text Generator (Figma & Adobe XD)

  • Generate Alt Text for Svg, Png, Jpg images

  • Automatic image format detection.

  • Add the following information to generate Alt Text:

    • Whether the image is Informative / Decorative

    • Image Title

    • Image Description

    • Code/Tag recommendations

  • Bulk adds, remove, reorder and update

  • Comment, generate and share with the team

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Touch Target Size Checker

  • Test size of links, buttons, and any type of     touch target to make sure they are accessible.

  • Test for:

    • Apple devices​

    • Android devices

    • Nielsen recommendation

    • WCAG (css pixel)

  • Smart suggestion to meet standards

  • Comment

  • Share with your team!

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Comprehensive Contrast Checker

  • Based on WCAG guideline

  • Live preview

  • Easily Adjust Your Color Contrast

  • Swipe Layers and Colors

  • Easily Undo to Original Color

  • Apply changes to your design

  • Access to your saved/global colors

  • Comment on your contrast test result

  • Share the test results with your team


Share it!

  • Create a report

  • Add comment

  • Generate and Share it with your team!

What Our Users Say

Jaames Ments says Adee app is an impressive looking new accessibility plugin for Figma and sketch. Full feature write up from @uxdesigncc
Catharine McNally says Love a good a11y testing tool! the Adee app is a helpful, guided accessibility plugin for figma design that goes beyond checking contrast to also check button size(s), set image alt text, designate images as decorative...
Michael Harshbarger says I am really excited when I see accessibility tools like this for designers. A lot of tools assume the code has been rendered already. Data from dequesystems show 67% of common accessibility issues can be takedn care in design.
Saying 'thank you' wouldn't be enough. Samine Hadadi created a wonderful, essential and easy to use figma and sketch plugin that will enhance the accessibility of the products you design @uxdesigncc

Our Supporters

Adobe Fund 2021
Assets Conference winner 2021
Good Design Awards 2021
The University of Sydney Genesis winner 2021
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